Our Philosophy

Unique Ability to Motivate and Educate

We believe that barriers leaving underserved girls out of soccer is locking them out of access to their unlimited potential. Hidden Gems is unique in our ability to give girls from low-income and urban communities more direct and more frequent access to professional soccer players. Exposure to these professionals who are palpably ambitious and uniquely relatable can play a monumental role in the pathway of these young girls' dreams. We plan to fund the salaries of professional coaches to work with girls in existing non-profits to facilitate this exposure, and consequently the realization of their inner-power. 

Using This Ability to Develop High Impact Attributes 

Research in the fields of youth development, education, and risk prevention has revealed that one of the most important things that can be done to help youth to be successful is to help them to develop certain attributes (characteristics or life skills) that will help them to navigate challenges.  Research has revealed a group of attributes that is connected to sport participation and also to positive decision-making in youth and positive outcomes related to health, education, and risk prevention. The High Impact Attributes (HIAs) include: self-awareness, positive identity, situational awareness, plan B thinking, future focus, discipline, social confidence, and pro-social connection. 

Sport-based youth development programs provide an optimal setting for the development of these attributes in youth by combining the power of sport with best practices in mentoring and youth development.  Youth are provided a safe space to learn and grow, a group of positive peers, and a coach who intentionally teaches these skills and draws connections between sport and life.