Funding FAQ


What will Hidden Gems do with our funding? 

 Hidden Gems is distinctive in our effort to fund connections between our partner programs and professional players. We will seek to invest in the exposure of girls to professional soccer in as many ways as possible.  The primary purpose of Hidden Gems will be to build "teams" within existing programs to be coached by NWSL players working for Hidden Gems.  The majority of our funding will go to coaching salaries of professional soccer players that work with Hidden Gems teams. We will also seek to cover logistical and transportation costs to bring players on our Hidden Gems teams to as many NWSL games as possible in our target markets.  

How do we decide where to launch Hidden Gems "teams" coached by NWSL players?

The most critical factor in determining who we connect with will be finding partners who share our vision of motivation and inspiration through consistent access to professional coaches. There are many organizations across the United States who share the common goal of building youth soccer in urban areas and inner cities. We want to make sure we align with organizations/ programs who share our belief of empowering young girls through the relationships that are built on the trust and connection of this consistent access. 

What is our vision and plan to increase retention rates in girl's youth soccer? 

 We believe the most effective and efficient way to promote youth soccer to inner-city girls (and families) is to educate them on the pathway to success it can create. As a non-profit founded by a current professional soccer players, we have a unique ability to market our own stories of where high level soccer can take girls in America. Whether that is to the professional ranks, or to a college/university that enables a different path of ambition, we want to demonstrate the endless possibilities that can come from sport to girls in programs connected with Hidden Gems.