Hidden Gems Chicago and America SCORES Recap

With the School year coming to a close, Hidden Gems is thrilled to report our Spring Program with America SCORES Chicago schools proved to exceed all of our expectations. 

Chicago Red Stars players worked together in teams of two and coached a four-session series in the SCORES spring soccer program. Here's a review in quoteables and pictures: 

Katie Naughton and Sarah Gorden working with Pilsen Academy


Sara on her experience-

"I'm so grateful to have gotten a chance to be a part of Hidden Gems. To be able to play, laugh, and connect with kids from my hometown city made it extra special. Personally, I believe it is SO important for kids of all circumstances and backgrounds to receive the best resources and mentors. We all have unique stories about where we come from, but it's more about where you're going than where you've been. I hope the short time with the girls can help them realize they can do whatever they set their mind to!"

Arin Gilliland and Lauren Kaskie with Hughes Elementary


Arin on her experience-

"For me, Hidden Gems is the epitome of finding diamonds in the rough. There are so many Children across Chicago, in every neighborhood, that have pure love for soccer. However due to whatever circumstances there might be, some of these ambitious and talented children do not have an equal opportunity  to play. The Hidden Gems and SCORES partnership served as that opportunity for these children, and I am beyond humbled and excited to have been a part of it. This program brought pure joy to the children's, and coaches', lives, and fueled the kids passion for the game of soccer. "

Dani Colaprico and Alyssa Mautz with Castellanos Elementary: 


Dani on her experience-

"Hidden Gems was as valuable an experience for the coaches as it was for the children. They taught me so much about the gratitude and joy that comes with being able to what I love for a living. Growing up, I was fortunate to have had equal opportunity of access to youth soccer at the highest level that propelled me to where I am today. To have played a role in leveling the playing field of the right to top level resources in youth soccer, as well as helping to develop characteristics within the Hidden Gems girls that they can use to face adversity in and out of soccer, was an invaluable experience I will always remember."

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